SES Rating

We offer two options of planes for your SES training at the private or commercial level, both of which include: 1.5 hours of ground instruction, 5 hours of dual instruction, checkride and examiner’s fee.

1. Training in a Piper J3-Cub on floats at the cost of $1400.00.
2. Training in a Maule M-7 on floats at the cost of  $2100.00.

If additional flight instruction hours are required they are billable at the hourly rate of the aircraft.

We require a $300.00 deposit to hold your reservation!

A new FAA regulation requires pilots wanting to take the course at the ATP level to have 50 hours of seaplane time, category/class.  Pilots qualified should call the office for pricing.

Dual Instruction

Piper J-3 Cub: $185 an hour, with a minimum of 30 minutes.

Maule M-7: $350 an hour, with a minimum of 1 hour.

All pricing includes an instructor.




Jon K. Brown, President and Owner of the Seaplane Base was awarded the prestigious Master Pilot Award on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 in the FAA building during Sun N Fun.